Make Uncertainty Your Engine of Confidence

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Wowzers, I haven’t written in a while! Nearly a month in fact.

Yes, there’s so much going on.

Yes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Yes, at times you take your eyes of the prize!

The devil makes work for idle hands and distracts you from what really matters.

Make no bones about it, if you’re still struggling to find your way, it’s most likely you’re a perfectionist. You want things done your way. You want things ‘just right’. Trust me, I have done the same for so long.

How to escape this trap?

Well, first, you have to want things to work. I have seen so many people genuinely want to fail. They can’t stand the idea of being satisfied, of feeling proud of themselves. 

Self-sabotage is startlingly common and it makes sense because you have been taught to always strive to please other people and never yourself.

Many times, I have made the distinction of ‘either/or’-thinking and ‘both’-thinking.

Do you think to be successful you have to please others at your own expense?

Do your needs matter?

Do your dreams matter?

You must be honest about where you are now, accept it and find ways to walk forward more confidently.

You want to know what your future will look like? Well, my friend, create it now. We cannot ever know exactly how things will turn out. There is an element of surprise in everything and that’s fine.

Gurus talk of visions and manifestation but usually that’s because they want to draw you to their opportunity and don’t really care about you that much.

Embracing your own uncertainties and carrying on regardless will strength your confidence. Confidence after all means With Faith. Belief is a powerful thing when applied. Solutions are always there even if you can’t immediately see them.

Make uncertainty your energy of confidence, be the one brave enough to walk ahead into the mysterious forest. That’s where we come from, the courageous ones who felt the fear and ‘did it anyway’.

It’s not a ‘fuck it’ mentality.

It’s a ‘come on, then.’ mentality.

I’ve got it in me.

You’ve got it in you.


Please feel free to share this post!