Monthly Musts!

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I recently sat down and took some time to write down the beginnings of a list of fabulous things to do with my time. These are the dream like and sustaining things you can’t live without that are part of your ideal state.

Write them down with abandon from the big to the small – building houses, places you’d like to visit, all the way down to weekly massages, meals out, leisure pursuits you’d like to partake of!

Once you have written this list, start to think of ways you can do them now, even if it is isn’t having the most extravagant forms of them, visualise and put up pictures of how you’d like to decorate your home, cancel the Netflix and the TV Licence and go to a restaurant once a month. 

Start living the dream life now and attract more of it and leave room for HOW you will achieve what you really want.

Monthly Musts because Your Musts Matter!

Please feel free to share this post!