The Inconvenience Of Numbers!

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I’ve lived in London for over 20 years now, the vast majority of it in the centre and I’ve seen the enormous changes. 

Jesus Christ, there are so many people. There is so much noise. It’s fractious a lot of the time.

For tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, humans have lived in tiny settlements with dozens or hundreds of people, maybe thousands occasionally.

NOW! The population of London is in 9 or 10 figures and basically double that of Scotland. We are not really designed for this and it shows.

I’ve started this post on a negative note but there is a lesson, a couple actually.

1. You have choices, you do. You are where you are, for better or for worse, because on some level you have decided the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of your current situation.

2. You have to focus solely on what you can do. You will never make people do what you want and you shouldn’t bend to the will of others simply because you refuse to say no.

It’s hard embracing the noise sometimes. It’s very difficult masking your irritation. 

QUESTION: What can you do? Really. What can you do to improve your existing paradigm?

STOP: Living life passively.

START: Being self-reliant, being self-determined and proactive.

Please feel free to share this post!