Stop being So Obsessed To Be Seen!

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The key to a great life is being able to SEE!

Intelligence is about making connections, things that others either don’t see or DON’T WANT to see. Intelligence is also understanding how THE TRUTH will peacefully and joyfully benefit the greatest amount of people.

Growing up, I did so many things for attention, to try and get approval but it was absolutely at the expense of being more confident, self-assured and, in fact, productive.

Whatever stage you’re at, question the things you do and whether you’re doing them for genuine enjoyment or if you’re actually trying to still receive the acknowledgement you didn’t receive when you were growing up.

Think about it. The internet is a very new thing. I’ve followed people for ages, watching the follower count go up but how many of those people are just there to observe, to not contribute. If you’re on social media, are you monetising those people effectively.

The vast majority of things that have made a difference have been done offline. There is so much ego attached to a huge following on Twitter or Instagram but what actual difference does it make – echo chambers exist everywhere, on all sides of the political spectrum.

Shift from the focus of needing to be seen to simply living your life and showing others what they can do.

Please feel free to share this post!