Like What *YOU* Like.

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When you get deeper into serious introspection, you’ll discover that many of the people you listened to and followed are full of shit.

  • Most love a good whinge.
  • Most love a good excuse.
  • Most love a good rule.
  • Most love losing.

You’ll see it every day. 

Here’s an idea, let’s find the solutions.

What you’ll also find when doing serious personal development work is you’ve not stood up for yourself – you’ve been trying to please people your whole life.

I’ve dubbed what’s come before now my ‘peace-making’ stage but not peace-making within me!

Life is inside out, what you are, what you do reflects outwards. So if you’re angry or confused or repressed that is the experience you will get.

Decide what you like. People have valid reasons for their preferences but it’s none of your business and neither is what you do theirs.

Two kinds of people – those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave you the fuck alone (Gavin McInnes quote). In the face of adversity, stand strong, state your will and if they give you shit, that’s your queue to find better.

Like what you like, it’s your life.

Please feel free to share this post!