I Met A Giant Last Night!

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Well, okay, it was in my dream but still, rather cool!

And he was a naked giant, yep, feel free to be shocked.

The dream took place on my childhood street, there was a group of us looking at the giant who was, initially, 8 foot 7 inches. Very, very tall.

As happens in dreams, suddenly he was standing in our group and was now a more manageable height of 6 foot 5..

Clearly this was a dream about me and my ex-boyfriend. I asked him this question.

“Didn’t you get scared when you kept growing beyond 6 foot 5?” He replied no. In the dream, I wondered how and where he slept.

You see, I put my boyfriend on a pedestal but, as Emerson said, “Every hero becomes a bore.” We have to treat people as people. They are not angels, they are not necessarily demons. They have their behaviour and you decide whether you want them in your life. It’s simple but scary for most.

There is a school of dream interpretation that says anything and everything in your dreams is a representation of a part of you.

So, maybe the more subtle meaning of the dream is – don’t sell yourself short – be everything that you can be? Sounds like a plan to me.

Please feel free to share this post!