I’m Back To Boundaries Again.

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I’ve talked a lot about saying “Yes!” and “NO!” recently.

What I haven’t talked about is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’.

In order to be your own person, or to use the technical term to ‘individuate’, you must establish your morals. 

What behaviour is ethical, what is devious? And! What will you do about it.

In War, countries and settlement defend their borders. In morals, we stand up for the right to our own space and our own peacefulness.

You will inevitably find many people want to invade your space, to manipulate you, to change you possibly and your only response is to decide if that is good behaviour or bad behaviour. Most peoples’ behaviour is woefully selfish and many lack empathy.

It is very nerve-racking to assert your preferences and your boundaries but if you’re going to break free and individuate – to grow up – it is something you have to do. If you don’t stand your ground you can guarantee that someone else will try to do that for you!

Please feel free to share this post!