One Day At A Time

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Do you overload yourself?

When you want to make a lifestyle change do you try to do ten (million!) things at once?

Are you hard on yourself?

Do you find it difficult to treat yourself kindly?

I am asking a lot of questions of you in my recent posts. Why? It’s all the stuff that really matters that we all avoid at our peril.

FACT: We don’t know exactly what’s coming.

FACT: We don’t know what magical things can happen today.

FACT: This is the one life we have.

In order to be ready to take advantage of the many possibilities and opportunities there are, you MUST be in the right frame of mind.

Last night, as I lay in bed at the end of the day, this question came into my mind and it’s a serious one.

If you had the opportunity, Martin, would you get back with your ex? 

It’s a tough one because there is still part of me that would say yes, the majority says no.

After I debated each option, I paid attention to what happened in my BODY. With the yes option there was a mild sense of relief – of the familiarity bred in me from my conditioning, more importantly – there was a chronic sense of heaviness.

He and I weren’t right for each other, which ultimately lead me to “No.” I would not get back with him, hard as it would currently be if it was offered.

No, taking things one day at a time means really examining your beliefs, both constructive and destructive. You’ve been conditioned and programmed to believe certain things – all that comes from other people.

It’s finally time for you to do the conditioning – towards the things that serve the person YOU REALLY ARE!

Please feel free to share this post!