Let’s Inject Some Humour, Shall We?!

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We’re so fucking serious nowadays.

Even when you listen to Jordan Peterson, you get the impression he’s always had a really brutal life……

“Life is hard!”

“You have to bear your cross.”

“Life is tainted with misery and suffering.”

Jesus Sodding Christ, lighten the Hell Up!

Improving yourself, having an improved perception of yourself, being a better person – all these things are in-depth, yes, but you are allowed to enjoy yourself in discovering your strengths and weaknesses.

I’m doing loads of exercises right now, digging deep into Who Me Be. I’m asking, pondering and writing my reflections on such questions as….

What do you Love?

What IS Love to you?

Why do you relate to people in XYZ way?

Enjoy it.

Do it peacefully.

Laugh at yourself at your ridiculous behaviour.

Personal development is about releasing the ghosts of your past.

What has happened is dead but you keep being morbid and attached over it! Let it go.

Have a fun Sunday.

Please feel free to share this post!