Ooh, Don’t We Love A Good Dose Of Fear!

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I’ve got a special Friday the 13th edition for you today.

I hope you’re not superstitious.

I used to think that people knew what they were doing, that they were aware of their actions, I doubt this highly now.

Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” Christ proclaimed as he was nailed to The Cross.

The Enlightenment offered us great hope that we could function as our own Gods, that rationality would determine morality and we would live in a flourishing Utopia in peace.

No, most do as they’re told because…….

They’re afraid of the repercussions. When I observe Modern-Day Atheists, they are the most suspicious, the most superstitious, the most RELIGIOUS with talk of Climate Change and Veganism. All the Dogma, without the forgiveness so people in the present day have created Hell on Earth. How wise Turn-Of-The-Century authors like Nietzsche and Dostoevsky were. 

The Nudge Unit of Great Britain terrified the populace half-to-death with their catastrophic predictions of what Covid would do to us. Climate activists say there is no world beyond five years into the future.

And, you know what, I think people actually get turned on by fear. There is an immediacy and an excitement about it. We’ve been indoctrinated by Hollywood Sensationalism and it’s all been done covertly (and actually at times not so covertly) as well as it all being deliberate.

Scare the people into ruling themselves – a taxable human livestock policing each other. See how the Matrix is not so far from reality?

So! The antidote to fear? Observation AND very importantly……

Investing in yourself.

You see, when you’re afraid, you want certainty and, with your cognitive abilities disabled when you’re in a terrified, flight or fight mode, you seek to be lead – to be told what to do.

Not us, no, no, no!

When you start to put yourself first it feels strange because we’ve been conditioned to always ask permission. It’s a recent development in human interactions. We’ve become soft in the Western World. It’s time to reclaim our balls!

Putting yourself first inevitably means pissing people off – they won’t get what they want out of you anymore. They will be confused and angry, they won’t be so supportive anymore because you won’t give them what they’ve always got from you. You will feel guilty at first.

A crucial lesson I’ve really connected with recently is this.

I am me (and you are you).

They are not me. 

Other people can look after themselves. You look after yourself. It’s a massive, lifelong path to walk but it’s the decision you must make if you’re going to make something of yourself!

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