Afraid Of Life’s Messiness?

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There are many terms that are bandied about to the point that they’ve lost their meaning.



White Supremacist

But it’s almost used jokingly now to call some OCD (Short for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). But what do people mean when they use this term?

For myself, I know that I crave ‘tidiness’ perhaps a bit too much. I grew up with ‘tidy house, tidy mind’. When you’re tidying or avoiding the harder things in life, what are you doing?

You’re trying to keep or create CONTROL. And you will absolutely be doing this with the people around you too!

In order to grieve and release the ghosts of past experience, you have to accept you’re going to go through pain – sorrow, regret, anger, shame, feeling really fucking stupid and so on, you get it.

It’s easy to intellectualise.

It’s hard to lean into discomfort.

Whilst doing a lot of introspective work, I am challenging myself to embrace and expose myself to what I would consider ‘mess’. To give up hiding from what’s happening right now.

Everything’s connected. The causes for the trauma you’re dealing with now go way back and the sooner you face them head on, the sooner you can be honest with yourself and……


Please feel free to share this post!