This Is What You’ve Done.

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You won’t like hearing this but like most, you will be living an adolescent life in many ways.

Think about it.

When you don’t get your way are you philosophical and accepting of it? Are you patient and rational?

No, admit it, you get angry, you get frustrated, your nostrils flare, your skin gets ruddy.

Learning to be patient is one thing.

Being HUMBLE, quite another.

We’ve lost the art of humility (Americans – stop saying humbleness!).

With the loss of traditional religion, we’ve positioned ourselves as Gods and we’re at war with each other. It’s global!

We wonder why people mass-form (mass formation is a term coined by Flemish Doctor Mattias Desmet operating out of the University of Ghent). We wonder why people succumb to radical collectivist movements (think Covid, Lockdowns, masks, jab mandates). They have become the new religion but placing ourselves at the centre.

Without the humility to acknowledge there are things greater than ourselves, we place ourself infallibly at the top of the pyramid. 

We have lost each other. We need each other but that has been weaponised and subverted. It’s narcissistic to believe we are Gods of the university.

So, how to resist the urge?

Slow down. 


Observe other peoples’ behaviour.

Analyse your own behaviour.

You don’t know everything and that’s okay.

Please feel free to share this post!