Stop Trying To Be Liked!

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There are many ways you can imprison yourself.

The worst cage? Other peoples’ approval.

As you traverse through life, you’ll realise one immutable fact. You can’t please other people, that would require you knowing what they wanted and people being able to actually articulate it.

Most people don’t know what they want. They follow, they do as they’re told.

Some people say “stop trying to be liked, instead be respected.”

Even this, I have to say, is pointless. Whenever you posit your happiness or worthiness outside yourself, you will run into the same problem of modifying who you really are for other peoples’ acceptance.

Here’s a principle I always come back to. Life’s not ‘outside-in’, it’s ‘inside-out’.

Repeat after me: You have to start with yourself.

When you are authentic and work with your natural strengths, the right people will flock to you.

So many people imprison themselves to be liked, admired, worshipped. Be an example and live free!

Please feel free to share this post!