So Much To Say!

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I’m feeling refreshed from a wonderful night’s sleep!

It’s very easy in the modern, crazily-busy world to forget the small things, those little pleasures that make a massive difference.

Here’s a double question for you.

When you’re feeling bad, what are you thinking about and in what TIMEFRAME are you thinking?

Timeframe is important because regret lives in the past and fear lives in the future. So much of stress is trying to control things you can’t.

Trying to get everything perfect is the ultimate procrastination.

You don’t know what’s coming.

You don’t know all the steps to take.

You can’t plan for the unplannable (is that a word? It is now!)

It seems we feel guilty about ‘doing nothing’.

Pausing to reflect can help you make better decisions.

Remember, there is no hurry. You are not racing anyone.

Keep making your own progress!

Please feel free to share this post!