Have You Ever Wondered That Life Might Have Turned Out Differently?

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For the longest time, you’ve had plans in your head.

People ask children, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Ever stopped to think that, even as an adult, you still haven’t exactly figured that out?

It is said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Most things pass by innocuously, they fade into the background because you’re either so used to them or they’re not that important.

But the big questions do matter……

Are you happy?

Are you willing to put yourself ‘out there’?

Are my relationships authentic and satisfying?

I’m sure you have many such questions and it’s vital that you reflect and do a deep dive into them. Not just once either. 

We’re so obsessed with being busy! Most of it is a distraction. There are certain questions and concerns that are harder to deal with than others and you would sooner throw yourself into avoidance mechanisms than deal with the stuff that’s holding you back.

There is one simple truth we must all admit – you are where you are and no regrets or sadness will change that.

You can’t change what’s happened but you can change how you respond. Always remember, life doesn’t happen to you, life happens for you. Hard to admit sometimes, isn’t it, that there’s a positive in everything but there always is and often it’s more than one positive.

Have hope in your heart.

Have happiness in your soul.

Every day is a new opportunity for greatness.

Please feel free to share this post!