Do Not Define Yourself By Others’ Actions

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If you’re an empathic man, it can be very difficult to separate yourself from other people.

You are committed to others

You are loyal
And you can see the potential in relationships

While admirable, these traits can be dangerous because they assume the other person is approaching the relationship in the same way. As pessimistic as this sounds, this is very often not the case.

Strong communication is key to any relationship working, I’ve learnt this the hard way throughout many different friendships and acquaintances. If you can’t be honest with people, the relationship is doomed.

Likewise, with other peoples’ behaviour – it speaks a lot about them and not much about you.

Much as they might try to express or explain themselves, you never really know what’s going in other peoples’ lives. So for success in relationships, you simply have to observe what people DO.

You may or may not be like me but I am really fascinated by human nature, what people say and do. A great tip is to see whether words and deeds match.

What you’ll find is that people have great ideas but very little follow through. The plans offered and promises made need to happen. That’s the sign of a person with integrity. 

If stuff isn’t happening, you’ve found yourself a very common fantasist. Don’t be downhearted, it happens all the time.

Like me, you’ll have done it yourself at some point – you’ve had a great idea, when it comes to doing it, you’ve backed down. Don’t beat yourself up. Truth is, most people do that all the time.

This is why I prioritise a very small and select group of friends or, like now, go it on my own and do my own thing. You have wants, needs and desires, you deserve to live them. When you live authentically according to your own character and actions, you create the space and energy to find friends and partners on your wavelength.

And if you are destined to go it on your own, at the very least, you’ll have your self-respect.

Please feel free to share this post!