The Need To Be Liked

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There are many prisons you create for yourself.




None so common as needing to be liked.

We are social beings, we go crazy without the company of others but, guess what, needing to be liked is the biggest prison because it wouldn’t make a difference even if you got it.

I have tried to placate people all the time, make sure they’re happy, not get in the way but it’s always been at my own expense.

Life is not outside in.

It is inside out.

When you say this, people will automatically assume you’re selfish. Oh you don’t care about other people.

No, wrong.

If you’re going to muck in with other people, if you’re not going to like yourself, then you will constantly looking for them to do it for you. STOP!

You can get along with people and not agree on everything. Plenty of relationships are very successful with people from different sides of the aisle whether that’s politically, culturally, etc. We seem to have developed this need for everyone to agree with absolutely everything. Nope, that’s tyranny.

A bit of conflict, discussion, argument – whatever you want to call it – can do a lot of good. It’s how solutions can be found.

Stop trying to be liked.

Start respecting yourself and see what happens!

Please feel free to share this post!