Let Yourself Go!

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What first came into your mind when you read this post’s title?

Abandoning any sense?

Making irresponsible decisions?

Freeing yourself?

Stopping your attachments to whatever?

Let’s jump right in! If something’s going to work, it will. Many ‘try’ things and waste huge amounts of time.

There are challenges in life, no doubt.

And there are things that you have to work at.

But if something’s going to work, it really shouldn’t be so hard!

I honestly believe there are things you are innately good at and the biggest shift in life is when you trust your gut and just go with it. Let yourself go and let things go.

It probably sounds like a broken record me talking about finally breaking with my ex for good but it’s just another confirmation that I need to live my own life, feel good about myself and let life be.

I wish the same for you. Freedom, my friend.

You try to hold on.

You try to make things work.

You try to shape the world around you.

None of it works.

It’s weird having invested so much time in projects and people only for it to crumble at your feet. It’s an angering feeling, a decadent feeling and it can make you feel really hopeless. And often stupid!

It’s all part of the journey. 

Let go of what’s happened.

Stop regretting the decisions you’ve made.

There’s a path for you just waiting to be discovered and it’s in YOU!

Please feel free to share this post!