The 4 Core Areas Of Focus

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The essential components of your profitable, online business.
Let’s make this a little more personal. Plenty of experts talk about ‘traffic’ but what are really we talking about? PEOPLE!
Whether it’s paid or ‘free’ (organic) methods of finding your #idealcustomer, there are plenty of proven methods.
Which one do you use?
The money’s in the list. If you’re not capturing your audience, you’re wasting your time.
Platforms come and go. Who thought MySpace would collapse but now it’s a nothing burger!
Build your own empire & use simple capiture pages to keep those e-mail addresses!
It takes an average of 7 ‘exposures’ for someone to buy. That’s why capturing e-mail addresses is essential and building that relationship with regular communication of value.
Build a regular schedule of contacting your audience and it’s only a matter of time!
You don’t have a business if you’re not making offers. A great opportunity to bring people into, with great mentorship & scope to scale your business is essential!
Are you afraid of sales? Don’t be, that’s a huge part of wealth to have your own business!
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Please feel free to share this post!

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  1. Hi Martin, you are right, our business is made up of people! We sometimes tend to forget that when we get busy in our businesses. Having an email list is the way to go as you own it. You can have social media followers but they can unfollow and drop off of the social sites.

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