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You’ll have read posts with titles like this.

The 3 Cs of Success

Politics in 5 Bs

What 10 things I learnt doing XYZ

This article is not going to be like those formulaic accounts. No, no!

I very deliberately put ‘current’ in the title because things wax and wain, they change and they shift. I wanted to reflect that and I want to make this as human as possible, a bit fun, bring my own sense of irreverence to the proceedings.

There’s a lot of very boring writing out there, I like to make things interesting and engaging.

Let’s dive into the four things!


Let’s get one thing clear, being an entrepreneur is very, Very, VERY tough! There is so much pressure, it sometimes feels like your head is about to explode and you can’t take it anymore.

The Diamond, that rare and special gem, is forged under pressure (a process known as perturbation – you’ll be p’d out by the time I’m done with you). Look at what people pay for that shiny lump of rock. That is the journey you’re on.

And for another analogy, it is said the darkest hour is before the dawn. As my great mentor and friend James told me the other day, the entrepreneurial journey is meant to be tough, it’s meant to make something of you! That’s why so few do it but why they are also so highly prized and admired. It is aspirational to be in business for yourself – it is also perspirational (okay that isn’t a word, but I like it nonetheless). 


Never underestimate the value of a good story. For a while, I was following a blogging strategy to promote my business and found it, in part, quite interesting but, quite often, very dull.

The articles I read lacked punch, they were very factual but not very relatable. They seemed to be stripped of comedy, humour, an entertaining bent.

Share your life. 

Share the triumphs.

Share the hardships.

Share personal anecdotes of places you’ve visited, people you’ve met.

There is wisdom in all these things. Also, people don’t want to feel alone. I messaged the formerly-mentioned James master mentor, and one of the first things he said to me was how he understood my feeling totally alone but immediately comforted me that, he too, had been through the very same struggles. 

If you’re going to do anything meaningful, you’re going to encounter the low and high moods often.

Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable and share the experience. People want to hear it.


The only thing that makes a difference is action.

The struggles and confusions will always be there. A former coach described this as ‘a devil at every level’.

Most people quit.

Most businesses fail.

Now that we are online, and literally have the world at our fingertips, there is immense opportunity and immense potential overwhelm. It can be very easy to lean into giving up! In the moment, giving up the conquest feels safer, go back to having a job, let other people make the decisions but there is a massive loss in that.

Being an entrepreneur is about two main things – what you get and what you BECOME!

Persistent people weather the storms they face. I hope you are one of them, I genuinely wish great and glorious things for you. I’ve had many a black day, feeling hopeless and useless but, as time goes on, I bounce back more easily and more quickly actually.

The feeling of giving up on yourself – how dark and lonely! – is one of the reasons why it’s so important to (what’s the ‘p’ count now?) place your self around (yet another p) people who know what you need to learn and want you to win.

You too have to want yourself to ‘win!’ Persistence is what separates the men from the boys. 


Agggggh! Yes, I said it. The dirrrrrtiest P word of them all.

People are so terrified of even talking about money let alone welcome it into their lives – no wonder then that so few have amounts that reflect their value!

Here’s a point you may not have considered though, profit is not just money! No!

We talked about the ‘personal’ earlier in this post, what personal gains to you make from being a great entrepreneur? Well, we certainly gain confidence and authority, do we not? We gain self-mastery, the ability to traverse all conditions of the human nature to provide value to people, it isn’t an easy road and often you have to guess your way through.

No business is worth it if you’re not getting a return and, yes, that definitely does include making money.


Think of what you could do if you really applied yourself.

Think what could be possible if you apply even one of these (p!) principles to your business.

What psychological traps are you placing yourself in?

And with all this talk of Ps, if you still don’t need the toilet, I will be very impressed!

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