The Truth Is Hidden In Plain Sight

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Look at the image to this post. I was watching a great mashup video of old videos to a modern song!

What do you see in this picture? The image is very busy. Many different things are vying for your attention but what’s the most important thing you see?

“Simple minds.” It’s not the hog with antlers, it’s not the bumblebee in the background.

You’re being directed all the time.

Consume this but not that.

Think this, otherwise you’re hateful.

Don’t invest in yourself, make me happy and you’ll be right.

Everyone wants a piece of you, personalities always want something and most get angry when you don’t give it to them.

My boyfriend and I came out of church this Saturday, a very dishevelled homeless man homed in on us, almost separating us from each other. He propelled himself into a speech about going into various shops, that he’d been robbed, he made dramatic hand and arm gestures. After a minute or so, I looked up to my boyfriend and then turned to guy saying,

“Mate, neither of us understands what you’re saying.” (He was speaking at quite a pace!)

Him: “Okay, I’ll be honest. Have you got any money?”

Me: “Nope.” and with that we walked away. Even in parting company with him, he continued his diatribe to our turned backs.

That’s what’s going on in the world all the time.

In your head

In many of your interactions

In the process of making decisions

Do you think that war starts outside of you? Nope!

The real war starts within you. That’s what it means to start taking responsibility.

You don’t see the world as it is, you see it as you see yourself.

For me, learning to get peaceful, with a healthy dose of decisiveness, has made immeasurably positive difference to my life. LEARNING TO LISTEN TOO! Even a year ago, I would probably still be stood trying to reason with that drugged-up vagrant in the street and after leaving would have felt bad.

You have to choose which battles to accept. I am not a fighter, I am a lover. The distinction has served me well because if you fight reality, you’re only ever going to lose.

There is a solution to everything. There is a positive to everything.

When you approach with love, you can be calm and rational in that moment.

People don’t like to talk about love because it makes them feel soft. Love does not mean weakness, love means facing things head on.

So when we get to culture, politics and business, this becomes a vital tool under your belt.

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I believe that business is the only thing that brings people together, everything else is division and war. Look at what governments and institutions wanted to do to you during the Covid Regulations and Lockdowns.

They wanted to deprive you of time with loved ones.

They told you how far you could travel from your home.

They told you what to wear.

They told you to keep your distance from your fellow humans.

They tried to control your children and sever ties between family members.

They told you whether you could keep your job.

They froze bank accounts and stole money pledged in good faith.

They printed money at a gargantuan and monstrous rate.

They forcefully told you what to inject into your own body and that you were evil if you chose not to. – So much for My Body, My Choice!

Hmmmm, peaceful!

Now, I am sure plenty of you will have stopped reading by now but if you’re still with me, here’s what you need to realise.

It’s your life.

I write that list above, though it is by no means exhaustive, to show you that there will always be those that will wish to shape your life and most fall for it.

I believe the hardest word to say is “No.” Why?

People believe that saying “No” is unkind. Why? Because you’ve been taught to be a people pleaser. Remember this…..

Saying “No” to others is often saying “Yes” to yourself and that is baaaaaad in the eyes of those that want you to behave in a certain way – to benefit them. Anyone who says it’s wrong for you to say “No” to them is unimaginably selfish and hypocritical, and lacking in empathy.

I’ve wanted to write this blog post for a few days, since I took the screenshot of this post’s image. I decided not to. Why?

Peacefulness and I wanted to let the ideas settle in my mind. Everything seems so hurried these days. It’s lovely to let ideas percolate and develop. We have a culture of “immediately if not sooner.” and I believe we have largely dispensed with values such as beauty, elegance and contemplation.

What is the fucking hurry?

We are all going to the same place, why not be relaxed in our productivity, let ideas meld with our core beliefs and see what genuine connections we can come up with, whether together or solitarily?

You have your dark moments.

You want to be angry sometimes – yes, it’s a choice!

You want to fly off the handle and say ‘what you really think’

There is too much impulse and a lack of compassion to yourself and others in those hasty desires.

I’ve stopped myself from communicating certain thoughts recently, I managed to override my anger and I brought myself back down to earth. Like with the homeless man in the street, I was able to be kind to myself and voice what my man and I were both thinking simply and effectively. 

I saw a great thought from Bob Proctor on Twitter the other day, that we should not be dictated by our ‘moods’. Behind your words and feelings are deep motivations that you need to remind yourself of – 






Name your own in the comments.

The world is a simple place really. You just have to learn to rise above the noise, establish your own place in the fabric and leave those to do their own thing.

Be a lover, not a fighter. If you don’t want war in the world, don’t create it. As my boyfriend wisely says, “Earn Your Ground”, “Be in your own bubble.”

Don’t let the fuckers steal your hope, don’t let ‘em drain your spirit, be your own person, live your own life!

What is your biggest challenge to getting peaceful? Let me know down below.

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