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Since the beginning of this year, I’ve taken many steps up to take my business seriously.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it’s why so few do it but, when you achieve success in something you genuinely care about, it is so satisfying when you see the process working.

A changed tack with my strategy in the last few weeks and I can feel the momentum building.

This post is inspired by realising that the nuts and bolts of what I do on a daily basis aren’t anywhere near as challenging as the emotions and psychological turbulence I experience whilst doing them.

Identifying emotional trigger points can be very challenging but, in his erudite wisdom, my boyfriend sent me a couple of fantastic articles that go deep into understanding your positive and negative drivers(/motivations) and how they manifest in your body and mind.

Whether we like it or not, we are all of us subject to wildly varying feelings and times of productivity and the need for rest and recovery.

This post is intended for you to establish the major areas you may be falling down and how you can deal with them in the future.

I want you to build a profitable business, I know you do too and hopefully this article will shed some light on that for you. Let me know in the comments and share anything I’ve missed from this post.

Impostor Syndrome

I wrote a great post a few weeks ago that you can link to here! Please read and leave me a comment there. It really helps.

Deadlines & Goals

In my manifestation efforts, I recently declared a target of making $1000 in my business by the end of August 2022. I am still on track to doing so but, here is the reality, there are times you will set yourself arbitrary targets and ‘round figures’ as a way of proving you can do something.

Increasingly, the point to prove is only to myself that I can remain consistent. 

The affiliate marketing world is plagued with ambitious promises that you will be able to hit $10,000 in three months with this ‘proven’ system that rarely delivers and leaves many high and dry, which is why so many call the relatively new world of marketing other peoples’ products 



Ponzi Schemes

Pyramid Schemes

I.e. Something to be avoided. 

The reason you’ll hear the same time frames and financial thresholds is because most people are copying from somewhere else, that was followed from elsewhere, all the way back to Adam.

For me, the key is getting more specific – not just in the amounts and time frames but what do you want the money for?

You’re not in business for the intrinsic possession of money, you’re in business for what you can do with that money.

My reward for earning the first $1000 in my business by the end of August is so my boyfriend and I can go on a fabulous weekend away, partly because we want to stay in the village where I grew up and also to anchor in the feeling of success to manifest more abundance in our lives.

He is also very generous to me, I want to be generous in return.


Impatience comes in many forms but here are a couple of major stumbling blocks. One, in expecting things to happen overnight but second, as I’ve realised recently, in HOW you deal with potential buyers.

Are you listening to people? Are conversations battles to be won? Or are they an opportunity to genuinely connect with people and learn from them? The second sounds much better, doesn’t it!

At the root of all business is a pain/need that needs to be resolved. Even buying a birthday card usually involves not disappointing or neglecting a loved one, right?

Just as we examined goals/deadlines, learn to go with the pace and rhythm of each person you talk with. You can’t rush the process and attempting to do so for the sake of a quick sale but no soul is a fool’s errand when you can develop a potentially lifelong relationship with someone who will support you along the way and, as a byproduct, buy from you over and over.

Good business is a perpetual exchange of value, always remember that. So foster relationships that make mutually beneficial transactions possible.

This moves us onto


Anxiety is a fear of what is yet to come. It is a terrifying feeling of being out of control, of being out of your depth and, actually, wanting to conceal the truth from people.

“I’ve suffered a great many catastrophes in my life. Most of them never happened.” – Mark Twain.

One of my daily business practices is adding new friends on Facebook and initiating conversations. 

One of the reasons consistency is prized in Entrepreneurland is it’s the ability to move through uncomfortable moments (let’s just say it – prolonged periods) and to be able to get the job done. We are all of us perfectionistic in some way – wanting to get things just right, crafting the perfect message, being completely ‘ready’. 

The funny thing with anxiety is you believe it is external, that it is something that happens to you but, in fact, when you realise it is self-inflicted because you just won’t give yourself a break means you can break the cycle of being nervous, even frightened, of your own success and accomplishment.

When you move from this thought prison, an inevitable consequence for most is 


WHY GOD WHY have I wasted so much time? 

Yep, very easy to do and most indulge in martyrdom at the opportunities they’ve lost and where they could be now!


I truly believe that nothing is wasted.

I truly believe there is no failure only education.

I truly believe that there is a positive in everything.

Inferiority Complex

At the heart of any lack or upturn in success is what you think about yourself.

One of the things I observed when I started seriously talking with people on Facebook was how I was putting myself on the back foot, how I was putting myself down, letting the other person dominate the conversation.

I knew I had to make different moves.

What was the person opposite me really asking? How can I turn my response into a question?

That was a game changer.

A lot of the shifts necessary for succeeding in business can be pinned to a shift from adolescent to adult.

How confident are you?

Do you believe you deserve to win?

Are you up-to-date with your skills and approach?

Are you so desperate people smell it and are put off you?

And what I’m increasingly favouring, how genuine and honest are you?

Just today, I admitted that I was chasing my first High Ticket Sale, it’s a scary thing to admit but, right now, I don’t see how poker-facedness will work for me.

What do you want to do? What do you want to be?

Life is a rollercoaster at times, getting peaceful has helped me, doing the things I love right now.

Burnout kills so many great potential businesses.

Are you facing burnout right now?

Would you like to attract more people to you?

Share your biggest challenge below and let’s help each other!

Please feel free to share this post!