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So I created an acronym.

Wanted to do something a bit different.

It’s a word you recognise but probably don’t do.

I recently had an enlightening course correction/shift/decision reveal itself, who knows what to call it but it’s a blessing. 

Being in tune with your nature – the proclivities you’re drawn to, the preferences you have – is an essential part of being successful, because you’ll only be successful when you finally admit who you are.


Do you do that with other people?

Ahhhhh, made you look, made you stare, made you lose your underwear!

Most people are shit listeners but great hearers. This article will address the different aspects of listening will improve your blogging and your business.

Most people will hear orders and obey – but never question.

They will hear objections – and take them personally.

They will hear criticism – and believe it.


Most people are reactive, so they hear and do.

This article, on listening, is about becoming more proactive.

I will admit in this introduction I’ve framed listening as something related only to other people. No. This is not the case.

You must listen to yourself. Those wild voices in your head are there for a reason. You’ve probably HEARD those voices many times but have you LISTENED? Have you established whether they’re your thoughts or someone else’s – likely the majority are the latter.

Let’s dive into how listening to others can help you help yourself and assist others help themselves. It’s a beautifully virtuous cycle. 


People are a veritable treasure trove of wisdom and intrigue. Even if you’re learning how NOT to do things, people have stuff to teach you.

Guess what, there are people who know more than you! Learn from them the techniques that work, implement them assiduously. Be consistent.

I have observed so many people saying ‘that’s all I’m interested in’ and there is a value in that but be open to new stuff AND learn to admit where you have been wrong. There is great value in humility and being open to new solutions.


People are in pain. Deep down, they want solutions to their problems but usually they go about it in the wrong ways – pleasing other people, discounting options that could help them. 

They also want someone they can trust – that could be you and that’s how you build a successful business.

“BUT MARTIN! That sounds so mercenary!” – it’s called enlightened self-interest and it’s called symbiosis – mutually beneficial. A mentor described it best as “win-win” relationships. Most play to not lose and some even play to not win. Just like we talked about learning, there is huge wisdom to be gained from listening to what people have to share.

You may often finding yourself saying/thinking “Oh, I never thought of that.” When you make people listened to, you understand more about human nature and you will become more adept at offering solutions to people and you’ll get more creative.

Every one wins when you dig deeper.


Don’t race your way through life. You have time to achieve all you want and learn what you need. Bring this approach to your conversations so you can establish and maintain trust. It’s only then that you can make suggestions to people how what you have can solve their problems.

Remember, some will say yes, some will say no. It’s fine.

You don’t have to be obnoxious or pushy, just be confident.

The truth is, you have stuff that they need or at least you have the potential to. Success in all of this game is learning to expand your thinking. What one or few things am I able to do that others around me aren’t? That’s actually all it takes.

You don’t need to be an expert – like you’ve been told.

You don’t need masses, if any, qualifications to prove yourself – like you’ve been told.

You don’t need degrees or MBAs or diplomas – like you’ve been told.

Just get out there and start doing the stuff that makes you feel nervous. That’s where the magic is!


I’ve really learnt the value of directness. When are you more confident, you not only can be more profitable, you can be more playful too. Be Friendly but firm – and for that you need to know what you’re aiming at. Go into every conversion 

a) believing the best in people

b) in a non-attached (NOT detached) way – don’t be addicted to outcomes, be invested in the process. Over time, you’re gonna get better at this. 

c) looking to serve people with your expertise

d) valuing your time and realise, ultimately, if it’s not making you profit, it’s worthless. AGAIN – over time, you’ll improve.

People hate sterile conversations, have fun with your prospects and be the person they want to come back to.


Be yourself! Don’t copy your teachers, find your own style and communicate with your audience authentically and make sure you’re speaking TO THEM and not to an ‘anybody’.

You want to feel listened to, right? Well, so does everybody else. Make the person feel like they’re the only one in the room despite the fact you’re juggling loads of conversations. 

Most of the skills you need to learn in business are about defining boundaries and getting one thing done and moving to the next, the other set of skills is managing your mood. Go into every conversation like a professional – calm, collected and centred.


People work at different paces. Asses the rhythm and tempo of the conversations you’re in and you’ll have customers for life. Focus purely on directing yourself, not the other people. You can’t change peoples’ minds anyway, they do that for themselves.

You don’t know who’s going to say yes to your offers just as much as you don’t know who’ll say no, so it’s up to you to make peoples’ experience with you as positive and as uplifting as possible.

L.I.S.T.E.N. It’s your turn!

So, Learn, investigate, suggest, tease, emulate and Nurture. Make peoples’ experience buying from you as human as possible, treat them like a person not a sale and be PATIENT! Breathe your way through the process, people can smell desperation, they really can and remember there is time to improve your skills.

Let’s Do this and thank you for reading all the way to the end! You must be a fantastic person!

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