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Today I am inspired by a wonderful mentor, James, a very kind man and also a very wise and generous man.

This article is for you if you want to turn your blogging into a profitable, long-term game rather than a flash in the pan and you’ll see we’re going to be talking about motivation and discipline.

A key trait of successful entrepreneurs is openness, in this case, to education. 

Always be learning – you can do this by observing…..

  • Your ‘moods’
  • What gets your juices flowing
  • Your behaviour and other peoples’
  • The kind of people you associate with
  • What directs you and what hinders you

Your outlook and worldview make radical differences to everything you do and I’m here to help you overcome any obstacles to your blogging practice and your business so let’s go!

The Initial Spark!

Motivation is usually a momentary thing, sometimes referred to as a turning point. And it’s usually a temporary thing.

Nonetheless good, what motivation does is to inspire but not make you perspire.

Whether we like it or not, anything worth building takes patience, resilience and consistency.

Naive thinking will lead you to think you can change your world in a day with no thought for the challenges.

I say it a lot now that…

YOU HAVE TO WANT TO WIN. Fireworks are very exciting but they’re only part of the opening and closing ceremonies. It’s what comes in between, the long distance running, the practice sessions, the ability to keep going that will see you through.


Let’s discuss…

Immediate VS Long-Term Thinking

I recently rejoined Facebook.

I will admit to questioning whether I really wanted to and there’s plenty of stuff that reminds me daily why I left but you have the ability to 

  • Value progress over perfection
  • Change your frame of reference as you mature.
  • Master the discipline to organise HOW you use social media.

You have to realise that everything is a game, which means that you have to know the rules of engagement but also that you can PLAY within the framework.

When you’re blogging (which originally meant to log things on the web, i.e. a web log), you’re charting your journey, at a basic level sharing what you’re doing, what you’re learning and, ultimately for your reader, making their blogging process simpler.

I have to tell you, I have suffered enormously from something you might not expect.

Over-excitement. Yes!

I got so excited that I would go Hell for leather, have the “THIS IS IT” moment and completely burn out. COMPLETELY!


Which is why I have abandoned so many opportunities over the last 7 years. 

And what do we think this lead to? Yep, I’m sure you’ve guessed correctly!

  • Feeling useless
  • Feeling pointless
  • Feeling depressed
  • Giving up so easily
  • Denying myself nice things

This blog post could literally be a massive long list of how badly I’ve felt and how badly I’ve treated myself.

Do You Treat Yourself Properly?

In all of this, you have to learn to become your own best friend.

How well do you really treat yourself? 

If there are thoughts running through your mind, would you say them to other people? Really, it’s good test.

Doubts are not part of an abundance mindset.

If someone shared you with a project they were working on, would you tell them……

  • Moron!
  • Oh, that won’t work.
  • You must be absolutely mad!
  • What experience have you got for that?
  • Why would that happen for you? You’re hopeless!

If you treated your friends like you treat yourself, you’d probably be a very lonely chap! Let’s face it, every one of these thoughts has at least cropped up for you and I’m sure you’ve added some of your own for good measure?!

Be Your Own Person. Live Your Own Life

This is my personal tagline right now and the subheading is definitely 

“Make everything that happens the making of you.”

Remember reading about ‘observation’ in the intro to this piece? Be curious, don’t dull your inquisitive nature.

There is education both in what to do and what not to do and the reason I’ve included this idea in ‘treating yourself properly’ is because you’ve more than likely been told to stop asking questions.

Your curiosity has likely been met with resistance, at best, and criticism, at worst.

“OH! Because I said so.” 


“Don’t be so sure of yourself.” 

Both of these uttered by those who have no clue who they are. Perfectly willing to hand out advice but never follow it. Funny that isn’t it! You might almost call it hypocritical?

Of course, I’m going to give you a truth you probably won’t want to hear!

You’ve been a hypocrite yourself, haven’t you!

Don’t worry, we all do it. Dishing out is far easier than taking responsibility.

From Self To Service

Most behaviour is reactive. Learn to get proactive.

When you’re born, you believe that everything revolves around you and there is truth in how you see yourself influencing how you behave.

This comes with a proviso.

There are other people in the world. I know, awkward right! Most believe they know this but don’t behave that way.

There is a deep-seated desire in every single one of us, including you and me, to have our own way. It feels good!

You and I both fantasise about everyone agreeing with us, doing exactly the same as us, following our advice and what we order all the time. Guess what you end up with?

Agent Smith in the Matrix. You Will Comply or Die.

If you’re going to be a useful blogger, and a useful businessman, you have to speak to your audience.

  • What do they want?
  • Where are they struggling?
  • Where do they need guidance?

Why answer these questions? Because that’s where the dosh is.

Finding your voice and issuing orders are two very different things. Be curious about discovering what makes people tick.

Believe it or not, it’s actually incredibly interesting to find out about human nature. It’s…

  • Expansive
  • Educational
  • Emotionally connective
  • Establishes peaceful relationships (Even if you disagree!)

And here’s the added benefit.

Serving your customers needs (and getting the reward for it) is what will create the long-term discipline required to keep you moving.

I Don’t Feel Like It

You don’t feel like what?

  • You don’t feel like being wealthy?
  • You don’t feel like being independent and having more choice?
  • You don’t feel like improving the lot of potentially thousands or many more people?

I don’t feel like it’ is incredibly selfish, especially when you realise you have unique gifts.


You don’t feel like taking meaningful and rewarding action COMPARED TO WHAT?

  • To complaining?
  • To being stressed?
  • To harbouring resentments?
  • To try and please people you don’t like?

Here’s the truth, you don’t know what you’re capable of. You don’t know the full extent of what you can achieve. You’re learning all the time, if you would only put it into action.

Saying “I don’t feel like it.” might just as well be “I’ve given up on myself.” Are you doing this, even in a small way, to yourself?


  • Are you denying your potential? What’s that?
  • Are you afraid to stand out? What’s that?
  • Are you afraid of success? What’s the fuck is that?

If you keep waking up in the morning, getting out of bed and getting stuff done, then it’s not an issue of not feeling like doing the work.

It’s you!

When you get even a tiny bit disciplined, you’ll notice at least one of these things coming up.

  • Doubt
  • Regret (‘what-if’ing)
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Burnout/Overwhelm
  • Shiny Object Syndrome
  • What will people think of me?

War begins in the mind and manifests in the world through action. 

And, unless you’re the most perfect being that ever existed, there will be areas where you’re at war with yourself.

Any self-critical word you direct at yourself is war.

Mastering your emotions means mastering your life. You can’t stop the thoughts coming up but you can learn how to deal with them effectively.

Learn to see your conflicts not as a reason to give up but as a signpost to a better version of yourself.

I cannot tell you that this path is an easy one but if you’re reading this then you clearly want something to change or improve in your life. 

This is what discipline is, it’s not about the complete elimination of conflict. A coach of mine once said to me “there’s a devil at every level.”

Discipline is the willingness and openness to finding solutions and valuing yourself more. 

Any worthwhile endeavour requires a commitment of time and a commitment of passion. You will not commit to those if you’re perpetually sabotaging yourself through anger.


Discipline is hard.

People ask a similar question of common sense – why is it not so common? Well, because it’s actually practical sense that people are searching for but rarely find.

Most are not disciplined, they are going through the motions, unquestioningly.

Millions after millions of people get motivated to change but rarely pull through when they realise the work involved. 

Over lockdowns here in the UK, despite obesity being the highest correlating co-morbidity with Covid, I observed more and more people getting fatter and less healthy rather than getting fit and making better life choices.

Discipline is hard, yes, but gloriously rewarding.

My increased determination and discipline to get the work done ‘no matter what’ has seen me, at age 41…..

  • Have the best sex of my life
  • Achieve my lowest body fat percentage ever!
  • Sleep better from the satisfaction of having ‘Good Days’
  • Establish the best committed relationship ever with my boyfriend.
  • Be more understanding of people and genuinely offering them solutions.

Sounds all right doesn’t it! Remember, to quote Zig Ziglar, 

“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!”

Now it’s Your Turn, my friend!

  • What for you are the differences between motivation and discipline?
  • What would it take for you to get more serious about what you’re building?
  • What advantages would there be for you to getting more disciplined?

Let Me Know, Down Below and thank you!

See you next week.

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