Affiliate Marketing – Separating Fact From Fiction

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Full Disclosure: I’m a big fan of Affiliate Marketing but I’m also a realist.

You may have heard a little, a lot or absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing and I feel like going to basics for you, to try and make sense of it, a bit.

Of course, you have to do your own research. You have to, ultimately, figure things out for yourself and find how you gel with any new enterprise.

There are two very obvious facts that warrant repeating.

1) Nothing is perfect

2) Whatever content you read is the author’s opinion/perspective.

And, as a bonus,

3) From every experience, you take what works and chuck the rest.

Whatever I write, I bake as much practicality into it as possible. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I’m laying out what my current position is on a given subject and, sincerely, I hope it helps you or entertains you.


What affiliate marketing is NOT

Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme/Scam

If you’ve had any kind of exposure to the affiliate marketing world, these are the most common objections you’ll have encountered.

When you’re introducing anyone to something new, you have to approach it from a psychological point of view.

What’s in it for them?

What are the risks?

What are the rewards?

What will they have to do to be successful?

AND REMEMBER…for most people, the default first answer will be No. 

Behold the Yin/Yang Symbol!

The black section is NO, The White Section is YES. Why are there inverse coloured dots in each? Well, my friend. Nos live in the Land of YES (that’s you making your efforts and being rejected) and Yeses live in the Land of NO. 

You have to suffer rejection in order to wade through the Land of NO (when you’re nervous, where you don’t have the experience yet, where you lack the right guidance).

When people talk of scams/ponzi schemes, they’re not talking about your opportunity. They are talking about their lack of self-belief. Sure, they may think you can do it but for them, nah! “That won’t work for me.” means “I won’t work for me.” The same goes for pyramid scheme. If you ask them to draw the organisational chart of the company they work for, guess what shape it is!

It’s all the same. You will encounter many people who just don’t believe in themselves and what they could be capable of IF they applied themselves.

Easy/Get Rich Quick

Patience is a virtue, apparently! There is zero point in rushing your way through building a business. 

You would never think of doing anything else in a hurry, would you?

The Gym?

Learning an instrument?

Finishing your school education?

The truth is, most bring a ‘lottery’ mentality to entrepreneurship, they think they will ‘get lucky’ and create a video that goes viral.


The only competition you have is staring you right back from the mirror. Compare yourself not to your fellow business builders. You will never outrun another, you will never be ‘better’ than other people.

You must find your own way.

You must learn to be your own person and that is a life’s work.

Of course, these two statements above do not mean you can’t enjoy your success. You must learn to trust the process and have as much fun as possible along the way.

Most choose to be desperate in their quest for joy.

You choose service and building community in your quest for joy.

To build a successful business, you have to be disciplined, consistent and, above all, provide value and solutions to peoples’ problems. That is the true way to wealth.

For everyone

Despite what you’ve been told, not everyone is suited to building their own business.

There are leaders and there are followers, both have their place and, when networking, you must always remember that not everyone is going to say yes to your advances.

Just because you’re a flirt, doesn’t mean everyone will jump into bed with you. 😜

The vast majority of prosperous business owners really do take their egos out of the equation and learn to see things from other peoples’ points of view. 


There is a place for business partners.

There is a place for customers.

Don’t box yourself by buying into lies that all are meant to be entrepreneurs, they’re not and it’s great! It leaves you with the massive opportunity to find and express your own voice and be a necessary guiding light.

What Affiliate Marketing IS


Every successful entrepreneur keeps on learning.

Are you one of those people who believes that education ends when you leave school/university?

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to keep your skills up to date. Nothing is static. The world is change, all the time and you need to keep up. Of course this means avoiding Bright Shiny Object Syndrome but it does mean if there is an opportunity to enhance your business with, say, 

New Software

New ways of reaching people in forums, via e-mail, etc.

Or a new way of monetising your content

You will be wise to be ‘on trend’

If I haven’t said it before, abandon security for flexibility. Nothing is set in concrete and keeping life fresh, keeps you young.

Keep Learning and implementing.

Community Building

A business is nothing with support. You can have the best product on the market but unless people are aware of what you’re offering, you haven’t got a business.

When you start interacting with people, a massive lesson I’ve learnt over the last few month, you build your energy, you (as examined in the last point) learn more about life and you start building a tribe of people with similar values and aspirations – a surefire way to your success.

People say don’t concern yourself with the money – yeah, I’m not one of these people. They will say INSTEAD focus on building relationships.

I say focus on both. People have weird beliefs about dosh. A business is nothing without money, because profit is the basis of reinvestment.

Networking/community building (which are the same thing really) are about finding people who are aren’t afraid of being honest.

You Be Open.

They’ll Be Open.

Character Building Wake Up Call

When you set out on building an affiliate marketing business, it’s a steep learning curve in the beginning!

There is a lot to learn, it is daunting but the biggest thing it will show you is the deficiencies in your own thinking and behaviour.

But that’s a good thing.

There’s nowhere to hide when building an online business. 

Maybe you suffer from

a lack of worthiness

the unwillingness to carry through and be consistent

a strong and positive vision for yourself

Affiliate marketing will highlight these things for you but will also be a fantastic opportunity to

show you’re coachable

learn new skills

be independently minded (and ultimately independently wealthy!)

I’m of the Jocko Willink School, whatever’s happening: “Good.”

Make your experience the making of you.

An Opportunity To Learn From Real Experts

There are good opportunities.

There are bad opportunities.

Quality is what decides the outcome.

There are great affiliate marketing opportunities.

There are shit ones.

Obviously, you want to choose a great one, that compensates you well, that has good training, that is up-to-date AND (I think most importantly) has fabulous mentorship.

Naturally, the one I’m in has all of these things in spades. Oh yes. And I’ve been through many. Believe you me.

The advantage of a great affiliate marketing opportunity is to learn from people who know what works – i.e. you learn how to embody the results they’ve achieved for yourself in your way.

As everything in life, you will get good and bad players. You have to find the right fit for you but also look about, as I mentioned above, for an opportunity that

compensates you well

has good training

is up-to-date

provides fabulous mentorship

And there it is!

Anything in life has to be approached with eyes open and an open-minded approach. I believe that affiliate marketing is the perfect way to learn all the skills you need to be successful and to, ultimately, start your own business. 

It only requires you

Be patient.

Be prosperous!

Be willing (to invest and to learn!)

Your Turn

Have you ever considered affiliate marketing?

Are you in an opportunity now? How is it going for you? What would you change about it if you could?

What chimes most with you from above and what would you add?

Let me know down below!

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