What Is A Blogger?

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To answer this question properly, we need to take a step back and ask a slightly different question. That being, what is a Blog?

Let’s start with a fact – there are around 600 million blogs in the world of the 1.9billion websites that exist (correct as of 2021).

The word blog is a truncation of the words web & log – i.e. a place you record (or even perhaps journal!) your thoughts, feelings, challenges and progress in a particular subject(s). 

Summary: people want to know what you’re doing. They want to see you improve, solve problems and share it in an honest and, hopefully, entertaining way.

Many technical blogs exist (very dry though!) and what will set you apart from the rest of the blogosphere is personality. Don’t be afraid to express yourself honestly, I frequently swear in my blogs and social media posts. I share intimate stories with people. I don’t sugarcoat and don’t really embellish.

People like it rough, really!

So let’s dive in and see what makes up a blogger!

A Blogger is a Therapist (work with me here, ha ha!)

But not just to other people – blogging lets you be your own therapist. The past belongs on paper, it’s the only way to make sense of things. When I go back and look over my early blog posts, I am a very different person then to what I am now. I’ve shedded a lot of baggage and I can see I flow through the world far more easily now.

What you’re aiming to do with a blog is take people through a journey, like any therapist would, and put things in their place. 

How important is what you believe and what kind of person do you want to become? Always have this in the back of your mind when you write.

A Blogger is a Storyteller

Don’t be scared. I’m not talking a J.K. Rowling writing hundreds of thousands of words but there has to be some kind of narrative with your blog, i.e. a beginning, a middle and an end. Show people you’ve thought about what you’re writing, rather than just some random shit.

When you blog, be purposeful. 

Imagine yourself being a total stranger reading your blog post and what you would want from it.

What problem are you looking to solve?

Is the language relatable? Is it stripped of jargon? 

How do you want to feel when you’ve finished reading the post?

What has it inspired you to get done?

To be a leader, you need people to follow your advice. Give it to ‘em!

You may be stuck in the belief that you have nothing to offer. You do. If you’re not dead, you’ve done stuff to stay alive and you can impart that. All you have to be is one step ahead of others to be a useful teacher.

You expect every business to have a website, right (and you know you’re disappointed when they don’t right!) plus if they see you have a regularly populated blog, you gain automatic authority (look at the word authority – it has AUTHOR at the beginning of it!). Get writing your story.

Bloggers are Networkers

So, with 600 million blogs, there are plenty of opportunities to share your work, interact with others and, crucially, learn from others. You are a social being and we all need support to see us through!

All you need do is go to Papa Google, do a search for blogs in your niche, of course, I am focusing on affiliate marketing, and get sharing and commenting on peoples’ work.


A Blogger is a Businessman

I can’t stand the term “businessperson”, just like you won’t find me calling my boyfriend my “partner” – fuck all that political correctness, yuck!

If you’re the kind of person who grimaces using the word ‘man’ as a default, we’re probably not a match, ha ha!

The secret sauce of blogging is that you can make a bucket tonne of cash out of it, with the right training, support and accountability! Blogging traffic is abundant and very simply monetiseable when you become an authority in your niche.

Blogging is a great long-term strategy to quit your horrible 9-5, to meet great people, expose yourself to incredible business and creative ideas and develop marvellous character traits which we’ll be coming to after this!

The internet is both huge and, when you focus in on what you want, very localised. Imagine who you could interact and do business with when you devote the time to honing your craft. If you love blogging, get paid for it! Ask me how!

Now, let’s move onto who you can become with blogging!!! Let’s make you marvellous!


Check me out, denizen of the subheading!

Discipline – Discipline dictates character. You are what you do. Whether you’re religious or not, Jesus’s followers weren’t called disciples for nothing! To be disciplined, you need to be strategic. 

Do you have routines?

Do you know what 20% to focus on to bring you 80% of your results?

Do you know what 80% of distractions to move away from to move towards the 20% focus?

Integrity – You must say what you mean. Don’t self-censor. Don’t mislead people. Don’t misconstrue. You will never be successful as a blogger if you write things to please people. Please yourself and attract ‘your people’ to you!

Consistency – Discipline is one thing but you can be disciplined for one day or one week but that won’t put the cream in the cupcake. Success in blogging comes from long-term work, 6 months, a year, half or full decade. Turn up every day and write.

Resilience – When you open yourself to any audience, you’re going to get praise, criticism and flat-out indifference. You have take whatever is thrown at you. Focus on finding your voice, you are who you are and you have value to offer and a unique way of expressing it that many will appreciate. Remember you’re the author and you’re making a contribution. Likelihood is, your detractors won’t be doing anything significant. Keep Going!

Patience – And just like I say Keep Going, do it peacefully. Learning to calm down and be more steady has made the biggest difference above all in my life. Pace yourself, find your own rhythm, patience is a virtue because nothing worthwhile has ever been done out of stress or anger.

What are your own thoughts on your blog practice?

If you haven’t started blogging yet, what do you think are the plusses or minuses?

What have you discovered about yourself through blogging?

What has inspired you in this article? 

Let me know below, I’d love to learn your perspective.

Have a wonderful week!

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