Accountability = Bankability

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So, I wondered if bankability was a recognised word, then thought “ah well, Shakespeare invented words, so can I!” – turns out, it is an actual word and a perfect start to a very valuable blog post!

I spent a wonderful day with my great friend Sophie yesterday in Greenwich Park. When you find a great friend, something very special happens. You get the ability to be totally open and honest with that person and emerge from the conversation more resolute, more relieved and you gain a handle on what it is you really need to do.

And hence comes the title and reason for this post.

You’ve probably heard about accountability (and it comes in many forms) but what does it really mean? It means being accountable to TAKING ACTION – to getting stuff done. Actually done – not just talked about, not just planned, not just visualised but done – ticked off the list!

So, my friend, let’s dive into what you really need to bring the moulah to you!

What do you really need to do?

We humans are, at once, both very different and very similar. You, like everyone else, have a unique perspective on the world and the likelihood is you’ve flitted around like a butterfly from various things to others.

I think of my eight-years-ago self, when I was starting out in affiliate marketing, and, in a fatherly kind of way, would love to give him a piece of advice. What would that advice be? Start Now – establish what it is you need to do to spread your affiliate marketing opportunity and get sign ups. And how do you establish what it is you need to do? Listen to people that have already done it and just get moving.

It will be messy and awkward and uncomfortable but eight years of sales sounds pretty fucking cool, right!

And enter the accountability. Self-regulation is hard for most, for the entrepreneur, it’s all on you – having an external party to keep you in check of what you have to do is gold!

Entrepreneurship is lonely

No rose-tinting here! We are warts and all in this house – being an entrepreneur is frighteningly lonely at times, often because you’re trying to show a world to people who don’t know how to see.


Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?

Morpheus: You’ve never used them before.

Great artists of the past were shunned for their experimental styles, take the impressionists, many attempted to have them banned and people literally fainted when they visited the Paris Salon to see the new paintings. That is the world you’re occupying as an entrepreneur.

You will be criticised, you will be told you’re ripping people off, you will be told that only the first entrants make any money. It’s a hard sell as they say.

Chatting with my friend yesterday, it was a blissful opportunity to simply offload and scream out loud. “I really want this but it’s so hard!” Just saying what’s in your mind is a relief and you cannot be a successful entrepreneur whilst being a slave to your unexpressed demons. You have negative thoughts and you need to offload them.

An accountability partner is a fabulous way of doing this. You’ll also realise you’re not alone because every single business-builder has gone through the same struggles.

“Every Master was once a disaster!”

– T. Harv Eker

Fresh Set of Eyes

Embrace the “I don’t know” mind, my friend.

There is stuff you don’t know [he leans in to whisper] “and that’s okay.”

If you knew everything, you’d have achieved everything you wanted and more. The older I get, the less and less I realise I “know” and the more peaceful I become. It means I can just play with the world, give things a go and not be so fucking afraid. You are not running from sabre-toothed tigers in the jungle, we’re talking about autoresponders and writing pretty posts on social media.

A good accountability buddy will listen but will also talk about their own experience and that’s when you listen – because they will know things you don’t know. People are very wise when it comes down to it. When you let people speak, enlightening wisdom flows forth!

We entrepreneurs all suffer ‘cabin fever’ – when you’ve looked at a challenge for so long, your eyes glaze over and you can’t see the wood for the trees.

LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! – something I’ve long feared but am way more open to these days. It takes some training because when I get answers and support back from my questions, I genuinely feel quite embarrassed. You’ve been taught that ‘looking at other peoples’ work is ‘cheating’ – our education system has pitted against each other. And those thoughts go deep! Time to change that. 

Be open to being wrong.

Be open to changing your mind.

Be open to being helped.

Reciprocity (and the death of hypocrisy!)

We talked about loneliness earlier – you know how very easy it is to give advice but not follow it. This I call hypocritical. My boyfriend is the most embodied man (and person!) that I have ever met. He practices what he preaches and he does so decisively, no flapping about.

Being incumbent to your accountability partner means you have to stick to your word (integrity), offer advice and take it (reciprocity) – you have to get the job done. Talk is cheap, action is golden. 

Conclusion – Consistency is King (Or Queen – whichever you place highest!)

Imagine for me……..

Imagine what you could do if you worked consistently and steadily, every single day for 3 months, 6 months, a year.

You don’t have to be doing 12 hours a day, or 10 or even 5.

Imagine 2 or 3 hours of focused work every day, once you’ve established what will bring you the results you want, imagine the satisfaction you’d feel – imagine the freedom and choice you’d experience – imagine the wealth you’d truly have earned.


Hard to imagine? Well, that’s why you need support – support from someone who shares your struggles but also your determination to succeed – someone who understands and wants help too.

This to me is the magic of accountability. To get the results you want, you need to turn up every day, in some way. Establish habits of champions and be accountable for actually getting them done.

I recommend, a lot, to embrace the mess of it all. Play, be curious, be productive and creative – because you are creating the life of your dreams, by your design.

How do you maintain your consistency?

What are your biggest challenges?

What does accountability do for you?

Let me know in the comments my friend and I look forward to seeing you next week! Have a great one!

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