Why Blogging Is The Habit Of Champions

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For a very long time, I’ve had a fear of saying what I really want, what I really do – I’ve been very private about it.

Part of this is fear of criticism because I’ve been a massive people pleaser.

Most of it is actually fear of success because we love our excuses, right!

Well, wrong! – Now! For me at least.

I blog every single day. Every day! That makes me a blogger and I know it has made me a better person.

This post will say why.

Blogging is thought on ‘paper’

It is said every human has, on average, 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day. Whenever I hear that I always think “Is that all?!” I must be one of the above average people and so must you!

Regardless of the number, there is a lot of shit going on up there and a wise teacher once remarked “the past belongs on paper.” Write the stuff down. Establish what it is you really think AND release yourself from the prison of doubtful over-analysis.


There are a lot of bloggers out there. We all need support. You’re a social being you know! When you hit the forums and other blogs, you are inspired and educated, realise you are not alone and have the opportunity to….

Spread a particular message (‘niching’)

Blogging, from a business perspective, is laser-targeted ‘traffic’. Whatever you promoting or business you are building, there will be many platforms for you to spread your message and to find people who will be genuinely interested (which means they will be willing to part with their money!)


The simple act of writing your thoughts down is very satisfying and it WILL make you consistent. It’s a great kind of drug and a great kind of therapy.

I’ve been blogging on my personal site for nearly two and a half years and have written almost 160,000 words! Imagine what you could turn your writing skill towards! A book, audio courses, public speeches. Imagine how you could…….

Repurpose Your Blogging Content!

Create Twitter Threads with valuable information and calls to action for your audience.

Use the blog post as a Copy-And-Paste jobby for Facebook or LinkedIn.

Send excerpts of your blog as e-mail copy to your list.

Are you getting the idea?

On Mondays I write longer posts but in as little as five or ten minutes, you can have valuable advise and wisdom to share with people AND you can use it as a great, fun and cathartic way to build your business.

What do you most enjoy about your blogging practice? And, if you’re not already, what advantages could you see for yourself in getting going? Let me know in the comments and have a great week!!!

Please feel free to share this post!