Vital Business Skills Learnt From A Tight Group Of Supporters

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I always like to bring a sense of humanity to my posts. A lot of them probably sound quite “self-helpy” but that’s okay.

You have to bring yourself to your work. You have to be willing for people to like you and to not like you. You have to let yourself be seen.

My last blog post was a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t in a very good place for it – so it was a bit shit and very lazy.

I’ve been going through some very serious changes in my life, some traumas but, ultimately, I know I will transcend them and be a stronger person. This is why I write, to communicate the useful stuff I’ve learned.

One of the biggest realisations I’ve made is the vital importance of having the best possible people around me, something we’ve both heard about often but few actually embody.

With each trait, I will relate my musings on how they can help you with your business and, hopefully, you’ll find it very useful. Let me know in the comments!


Good friends stand by you. They understand you. But that doesn’t mean you take them for granted or get entitled. Likewise with your business, you must be devoted. Be the best version of yourself. Stop, listen, learn and be in it for the long-term.


As with friendships, quality is everything. What principles do your friends stand up for? There is no use being a satellite, taking in everything as you go. You have to learn to say no, which means you you will have a loyal base of friends, or customers/clients, who will support you in your business.


Friendships don’t just happen, just like businesses. Never treat anything casually in life as a hobby. Be invested in it. Any successful business has a combination of time and money invested in it and this must be consistent. Make deposits in your friendship bank, make regular and compounding deposits in your business.

Openness and Honesty

True friends admit their flaws, they’re honest about them and they admit they’re not perfect. Such is the nature of relationships, business, just life! You have to be open to being helped and to do that you have to be honest about where you are – what you can and can’t do, be open to the solutions.


You need help. We all need help. We’re social animals after all. Even a customer buying something from you is support because they are supporting your business.


Relationships and business only work when you take charge of them. If you’re expecting anything to happen that you’re not doing yourself, then neither really exists.

Is every relationship totally equal? No, not likely (unless you’re very lucky like me!) but when you invest your time and energy, you’ll see results. You’ll feel more connection, you’ll feel more satisfaction, you’ll be more peaceful.


The key to life is understanding everything is down to you. If you want, you have to give. 

“Oh, he never calls me.” – Do you call him?

“No one pays me what I’m worth.” – Are you worthy of peoples’ attention?

“I’m lonely.” – Do you let people in?

Stop living in your head.

Start living in the real world.

What do your relationships say about you?

Are you focusing on quality or quantity?

Do you invest in your success?

Let me know in the comments. Thank you!

Please feel free to share this post!