The Courageous Act of Simply Being Yourself!

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You’ve got to write long articles, Martin.

The longer the better.

Google will pick up your content if you write Long-form.

Yes, okay, fair enough.

But what if I want to do something a bit different?

It’s a courageous act to be yourself, to carve out your own niche – because saying “Yes” to yourself often means saying “No” to other people. 

Entrepreneurs are explorers.

We are also experimenters.

One of the biggest liberating factors I’ve experienced is being able to NOT Know, to truly be open to what happens and not be stressed when things don’t turn out exactly as I had imagined.

This blog post is not going to be long, as you will probably have guessed.

In five years time, will it matter the length of this post or others? No, probably not.

I’m open to the adventure of it all.

To genuinely seeing what liberation and freedom could do for my business.

Be Yourself!

Please feel free to share this post!