Procrastination, The Killer of Dreams

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I’ve been putting off writing this blog post until it was the right time, there we go, got the procrastination joke out of the way. Now we can begin, but before that………Okay, no more jokes.

I’ve realised, very recently, just how much I have bene living in my head, the same thoughts churning over and over, no action, no direction, no focus. Just endless ‘what if’-ing, fear of rejection, fear of SUCCESS!

Success means no more excuses. 

Success means no more places to hide.

Success means you have to get the work done!


Make no mistake, ancient circuitry in your brain fires at the merest thought of being ‘out there’ – because historically it mean you were about to get your head chopped off. The same circuits in your brain have been tested in actors about to go out on stage for the first time in a new show – their levels of adrenaline were four times as high as those who’d experienced a road traffic accident!

Are you getting the idea that procrastination is not only comprehensible but to be expected (and overcome!)?

In this article I’m going to get brutal about the demons you’re facing and then, of course, provide the solutions, because we want you to win! Don’t we!

Delaying tactics

Okay, we talk about the ‘I’ll be able to do that when…” factor! You want to be ready to get your shit sorted. You’ll be waiting a long fucking time!

A great mentor I worked with in Poland, Alex Mendossian, once asked a group of us “where is the greatest concentration of genius in the world?” I had to think. I racked my brains but eventually gave up and he told us, “Graveyards.” Talk about a delay – and a total waste of a life.

Here’s the thing – you’re never going to be completely ready. There is just stuff you have to do to succeed that is boring, irritating, unglamorous, fiddly, you name it. 

What will people think?

I’ve spoken in past posts about people pleasing. It’s a terrible affliction – never going to happen that you please other people. Remember who’s life it is you’re leading.

Seeking approval is the worst prison because it’s self-inflicted and no one can set you free from it – but you.


Do you get life the right way around? I’ll find the energy then I’ll get the work done – wrong! You get the energy when you do stuff. Your body is designed for movement, not for stasis.

Wallowing around, feeling sorry for yourself and resisting the necessary work will only drag you down. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything (T. Harv Eker). If you’re feeling useless, that’s what you’re going to be. Nothing good will come out of feeling down or avoiding the work. 

Do you think life is difficult? Wrong, life is simple, you make it difficult.


Get decisive – there’s plenty of stuff you need to do, choose one thing and, for the time being, forget everything else. What is the bottleneck activity? What’s slowing progress? Decide and get it done. It has to be done and once you’ve done it, celebrate (big win or small win – big celebration, small celebration). Start acknowledging what you’re doing and feeling GOOD about it.

You’re shit at winning because you never give yourself credit for your successes. Successes are simply steps towards what you really want and you have to be open and honest, if only with yourself, about what you’re aiming at, what you want to achieve.

Understand and acknowledge regularly that you can have what you want. I’ve found prayer very useful, but whatever works for you to set the mood of the day first thing helps and acknowledgement of the positive aspects of your day at night are enormously helpful.

Day by Day – expectation rarely matches reality. Set the bar for what you can actually get done on a daily basis and get it done. Nothing is permanent, things often take longer than you expect. Once you’ve sent the intention, do the work and be SATISFIED.

Your brain is associative (even down to associating smells with certain experiences) and the more you congratulate yourself for work planned and executed, the more positive energy you’ll build around the necessary work you need to do.

Big vision = GREAT! BUT! It needs to be married with a ‘chunked down’ approach on a daily basis. Find your rhythm and build up your progress in short, sharp bursts of activity. It’s way better than sitting around doing fuck all.

Your turn – leave me your comments on how you deal with procrastination and share what halts you in your tracks.

Please feel free to share this post!