What is Affiliate Marketing And What Do You Need For It?

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Hello my friend, it’s another Magical, Martin Marketing Monday! Today I thought I’d cast some light on what affiliate marketing actually is, dispel some myths, and, hopefully, plant the seed with you to consider getting going with your own business. Let’s dive in!

So! Just What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is selling other peoples’ products (but you knew that already didn’t you!). There are a lot of gifted people who have put together great products and services and, when you believe in their value and integrity, you can sell those products and services for a commission (and you can often sell them HIGH-TICKET, i.e. for LARGE commissions)

What Affiliate Marketing is NOT

Affiliate Marketing is NOT MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) where you need to keep recruiting people into the system to fund the enterprise. Affiliate Marketing is based on an exchange of value from one person to another.

Be Yourself

My mentor: your Mess is your message.

Me: Your story is your brand.

What people really want to see is your personality. They want to know your highs and your lows and how you overcome challenges to be a better person. It takes courage to be honest with people but the bravery will pay you back!

Provide Value

I’ve followed so many different people, listened to so much differing advice. The one constant I’ve learned is that people really want to know what works. They want solutions and you can provide it to them, just like in the last point I talked about being yourself, sharing who you are, not only do you have unique knowledge to offer, you also have a unique way of communicating it. Talk in your language about how you’ve succeeded and do it consistently.

Business Techniques

Affiliate Marketing is the most accessible way of learning how business works, whether it’s e-mail/marketing copy (the content of what you share on Social Media), building relationships, or learning about traffic sources that will work for your business. 

When you join a great affiliate marketing company, you will be working with people who are experienced and, as long as you’re coachable, you will be able to learn what’s necessary to be a future leader/teacher yourself!

Self Belief

In order to strike out on your own, in your own business, you have to understand you’ll encounter resistance in some form. Affiliate Marketing is a relatively new business model and, believe it or not, most people are very cautious and conservative of the status quo.

Your job is not to convince people, whatever techniques you use are to cast the net to find people who are willing to listen, learn and implement like you. You must speak with conviction and confidence and this is the most important work you have to do on yourself.

Set your Own Financial Worth!

The beauty of the right affiliate marketing opportunity is in its simplicity. Once you have invested in starting your business, there are very few overheads compared to other business models such as brick and mortar stores, franchises, etc. This means you can focus on building largely passive income, maximise revenues when customers are ready to buy.

Always remember, when you go into affiliate marketing, the sales funnels are set up, the products created, the advertising banners done so you can get moving straight away and start earning what you’re really worth and your efforts will determine what you get paid. Time to dream and ACT big!

Automation & Advertising

There is a beautifully virtuous cycle with affiliate marketing because as you start to learn the sales process, the more money you make, the more you can invest back into advertising and largely automate your efforts (e-mails, etc.) so you can scale an affiliate marketing business very simply. 

Imagine yourself in a world where you don’t have to worry about the costs of utilities and necessities going up because you will have the income to cover it and much more! Imagine not needing insurances and licences and authorities interfering in your business. Well, my friend, you’ve found the best business model.


Now for a reminder, success is not an overnight thing, it absolutely requires work but the beauty of the technology at our fingertips today means you can create meaningful relationships with your audience, some will signup with you sooner, some later. 

It is said it takes an average of 7 exposures for someone to buy, I had been friends with my sponsor (the person who introduces you to the opportunity and who you sign up with) for several years before I took the plunge.


The key is finding what works for you, do your research before you take the plunge, make sure you are going to work diligently and turn up properly for your business.

There has never been a greater time to take advantage of the wealth you can create and the freedom you can foster in your life and in other peoples’.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. What part of this article excites you the most. I’d love to learn from you. Have a wonderful day and see you in the comments.

Please feel free to share this post!